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Jason Micheli —  June 18, 2013 — Leave a comment
photo-300x300This is from Elaine Woods, our Children’s Minister, reflecting on the end of the Sunday School year.

The Sunday school year has come to a close, and I’m reminded again how greatly our programs rely on volunteers.  Teaching young children week after week takes preparation, dedication, and time.  Over 200 kids attend our Sunday school each week.

Most of our teachers are parents donating time away from their families to help others.

They show up week after week with smiles on their faces, ready to show a young child what it means to pray; what it means to have faith; what it means to be a Christian.

Volunteering does more than accomplish a task.  It allows us to “actively” live out God’s word.

Most volunteers discover that the more they invest in their task, the more they enjoy it.  It’s like a hug: in giving one, you get one, too.

Doing something for others without personal gain exemplifies what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

And what better way to teach children how to serve others than to see it in action.  They learn from example, especially from their parents.

Volunteering also fosters a sense of community where all generations can come together for a common goal.

It creates unity and is universal.

When the youth from our church travel to Guatemala to build ovens as part of their mission project, they work side by side with local residents of all ages who don’t speak English.  But neither party has trouble understanding each other.  They speak the common language of charity and service.

It is not enough to just listen to the word of God, or just read the Bible; we should put the teachings of Jesus into practice in our everyday lives.

It is about giving our time, attention and resources to help others. It is about nurture, and patience and gentleness; all the things described in 1 Corinthians 13.

So as we try to put the word of God into practice in our everyday lives, opportunities exist whenever we encounter another person who needs our help.

What is our attitude toward that person? Do we ignore them? Do we think, “I’m too busy?”

It’s a challenge, but practicing love helps us grow in love.  It brings God’s plan into our earthly lives.

Whether you are volunteering as project manager, or just providing that much-needed smile to those around you, challenge yourself to lend a hand and improve your community.

For in helping others, we honor Christ.





Jason Micheli


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