What Gay People Have In Common With Christian People

Jason Micheli —  November 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve been reading Tim Keller’s new book, Center Church. Essentially it’s a book on ecclesiology, theology of the Church.
QWriting about the increasing numbers of unchurched people and how this new context will demand that Christians learn again how to witness to their faith in a gracious manner, Keller makes this analogy:
50 years ago everyone knew a gay person, at work, in the neighborhood, in family or social circles. Only, they didn’t know they knew a gay person because gay people seldom shared that part of their lives. As a result, it was easy for people to harbor inaccurate or hurtful stereotypes about gay people. As election day showed, those stereotypes are gradually eroding because know everyone knows they know a gay person, often someone they love or care about or respect.
Here’s how Keller threads the needle:
Today, everyone knows a Christian, at work, in the neighborhood or in social circles. Only, increasingly, they don’t know they know a Christian because Christians seldom share that part of their lives and churches do not equip them to do so in a normal, gracious way. As a result, it’s easy and increasingly common for people to harbor inaccurate or even mean stereotypes of Christians.
Christianity then will be increasingly marginal to the extent Christians lead people to believe its marginal to their lives.

Jason Micheli


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  1. wow…very well said. Thank you for sharing.

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