What Do Google Search Terms Say About Me?

Jason Micheli —  April 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

tumblr_mcof7qGfRy1rq40r4o1_1280Thanks to Google Analytics I know, Big Brother style, who is reading my blog, how many are reading my blog, and what readers are reading on my blog. Google Analytics tells me what browsers people use to navigate their way to the blog and whether readers are using a computer, a tablet or their cell phone (80% = iPad).

Proving that cold, hard data can sometimes be hilarious, Google Analytics also tells me what Google Search terms people have typed that has led them, often inexplicably, to www.tamedcynic.org

I’m not sure what this says about me. Here’s a sampling and I’m not making this up:

Tamed Cynic

10 things I Learned in a Bad Marriage

Is Micheli a Jewish Name?

Is it Unchristian to Man-Scape?

Joel Osteen Jokes

Foreskin Song

Dennis Perry Beard

Did Jesus Fart?


Raising Christian Children

God Does Not Have a Plan for Your Life

Reasons Why women Can’t Preach

Jason Micheli


2 responses to What Do Google Search Terms Say About Me?

  1. Since the question has been put out there… IS it unchristian to manscape? What if he’s REALLY hairy?

    • I think the bearded pic in the post says it. Yes, it’s definitely unChristian to manscape. Or shave altogether.

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