What are Your Questions about the Cross?

Jason Micheli —  March 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

photo-1IMG_0593There’s a sense in which the Gospels are extended Passion stories. That’s certainly true of Mark and John’s Gospels. And yet for all the attention given to the cross, the Gospel writers do not make anything about the cross self-evident. There’s no neon footnotes shouting ‘This is what IT means.’

The confusion gets compounded by the fact that the Passion stories are layered with biblical allusions and imagery.

So it’s not surprising that the cross would provoke questions.

This weekend as part of my sermon I want to tackle some of questions people have about the cross, Jesus’ last week, Christ’s passion and the atonement.

If you have a question email by 5:00 PM EST at jamicheli@mac.com.

Just like we did at Christmas I’ll throw it in the bingo tumbler and give it a go.


Jason Micheli


One response to What are Your Questions about the Cross?

  1. Mike DiVittorio March 23, 2013 at 11:48 PM

    One thing that has always seemed out of sorts to me with the physical resurrection was the anticlimactic way that Jesus just sort of appears without any fanfare from outside his inner circle. A man who a week earlier is a “Rock Star” being hailed as a possible Messiah, who conquers death and no one picks up on this. You would think the word would have to get out. How could or why would it not. I would have thought his disciples would be carrying him on their shoulders through town. The authorities would have been trembling at his feet. The crowds would now be convinced he was the Messiah. Why the deathly silence, why do you conquer death and stop preaching the word? Why be raised from death not to make a statement for all to hear?

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