Unite the Right(eous): Live Cross-Podcast Conversation on Charlottesville

Jason Micheli —  August 14, 2017 — 1 Comment

Our friend of the podcast, Dr. Jeffrey Pugh, was present this Saturday for the counter-demonstration to the alt-right Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. We thought it was important to hear from Jeffrey about his experiences and observations. We also thought it important to extend his thoughts as far as possible so we invited a handful of other podcasters to join us for the conversation.

Todd Littleton of the Patheological Podcast, Scott Jones and Bill Borror of New Persuasive Words, Doug Pagitt of Doug Pagitt Radio all participated with us.

Here it is.

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If you’re getting this by email, here’s the link. to this episode. Since there’s so many voices in this, I thought I’d post the video too. You can find it here.

Jason Micheli


One response to Unite the Right(eous): Live Cross-Podcast Conversation on Charlottesville

  1. @1:06, answer is spot on re inviting relevant speakers from diverse communities INTO WORSHIP svcs as an avenue for creating/increasing awareness that many of us live our lives under the premise & burden of us & Other. The authority of a pastor fosters the link between theology and opening reluctant hearts & minds to what living in Christ actually means day to day. Outside optional evening events are less effective because reluctant hearts do not easily cross comfort zone if an opt out is possible. Putting it in worship, if possible, says This Is Important. So aldersgate September speakers has great promise!
    Another maybe crazy thought is to remember that music is a universal language of hope & unity. What if pastors, thru their common community relationships, could establish an occasional worship service “music exchange” where, say, a neighboring AME choir sings during the UMC service, obviously warmly extending the worship invite to the AME church. Fellowship following. The next time, UMC choir sings at the AME church, with UMC members invited to that service & fellowship.
    Great podcast!

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