Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor

Jason Micheli —  January 31, 2013 — 8 Comments

priest_collarOkay, so some of you give me crap about always being snarky, sarcastic and cynical. So, I thought I’d do a decidedly uncynical series of posts: Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor.

#8: Actually, I was tempted to make this #1 but then that would strike some of you as selfish.

This is the stack of books I currently have sitting on my ‘To Do’ list in addition to the ones upstairs on my bedside table. Books about theology, scripture, aesthetics, church, leadership. Fiction and culture journals. Pretty much anything and everything I read is relevant to my work, finding its way into a sermon, a new spin on scripture or a new insight for conversation or counseling.

An introvert and book worm at heart, one of the best things about being a pastor is that a huge part of my job description and schedule is to just read. Anything and everything. And study the bible. photo

Jason Micheli


8 responses to Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor

  1. I come from a family of introvert readers who pressed themselves to be extroverts. I understand that most successful organizations–including the US Govt–are led by such folks.

  2. What books did you reference to do your Heaven/Hell series?

  3. I am totally in the wrong field.

  4. No, unless you become an English major. I’d prefer you responded to the Taize post.

  5. You need to tag his post “top 10”. I almost missed it…

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