Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor

Jason Micheli —  January 30, 2013 — 6 Comments

priest_collarOkay, so some of you give me crap about always being snarky, sarcastic and cynical. So, I thought I’d do a decidedly uncynical series of posts: Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor.

#9: This is what I wear to work 3/5 days of the week. Not what I wear when I work from home. This is what I wear at work. By work, I mean church. How great is that? It’s become something of a persona, the pastor in the shorty-shorts. Church people like to joke to their friends that their pastor wears tights AND folks in the hospital love thinking I interrupted my long run to come see them.

Win, win. Got to love the ministry.


Jason Micheli


6 responses to Top Ten Things About Being A Pastor

  1. What’s most awkward about your clothing choices are having to have a serious conversation with you, while you’re wearing your too short running shorts.

  2. OK–perhaps not quite so high-minded as #10, but good!

  3. My advice to Teer: “Look up, look up! when everythings lookin’ down!

  4. I think it’s awesome that my pastor runs on a regular basis. It’s a good stress reliever and I’m sure he needs it!

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  5. We all have a “brand” or style–whether we work at it or not. A pastor in motion isn’t a bad brand. Snarky only adds to the distinction.

  6. We all have a “brand” if we know it or not–a pastor in motion is not a bad brand–snarky or not.

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