The Least Segregated Hour(s)?

Jason Micheli —  September 3, 2012 — 1 Comment

The Least Segregated Hour(s)?

The wife and I took the boys to see Premium Rush, a pretty tight B chase movie about a fixed-gear bicycle deliveryman. We see a lot of movies especially in the summer. This summer we’ve seen the Avengers several times, the Spiderman reboot, Batman and, gosh, I don’t want else.

Maybe because it’s political convention season or maybe jogging through the neighborhood or driving through the church parking lot and seeing the competing signs and bumper stickers has gotten my attention, but watching Premium Rush I found myself remembering and resonating with this article from the NY Times from a few weeks ago.

Sitting in the dark with several hundred strangers watching a fictional cyclist zip through Manhattan, I became acutely aware that all of us there in the theater quite possibly had nothing in common other than our love of film, our desire for escape, our longing to laugh or smile or be distracted by another’s life.

In our dark sanctuary, our political, partisan opinions mattered not at all. And, realizing that, I realized how, increasingly, the same cannot be said for churches. The movie house may be the least segregated, most politically diverse outlet left in the culture. The same is not true of Christian churches.

Increasingly, congregations and denominations are becoming monochromatic in terms of their partisan affiliations. The days are gone when Christians of one party regarded the Christians of the other party as brothers and sisters in a Body which demanded a more ultimate loyalty. It should not be the case that Marvel superheroes elicit greater non-partisanship than Jesus. That Christians have allowed that to happen may be sign, I fear, of where or in whom we actually put our faith and devotion.


Jason Micheli


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  1. Someone recently gave me a small bumper sticker. It says “God is not a Republican…and he’s not a Democrat, either.” And that’s right: he’s the King! And it’s the King to whom we owe loyalty. The only one who offers change we can REALLY believe in!

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