The Death Penalty Violates the 1st Not Just the 5th Commandment

Jason Micheli —  July 30, 2014 — 5 Comments

images“I knew Alfred Dewayne Brown was stone cold innocent the moment I met him. I am from Northern New Jersey and was a Public Defender with the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn, New York, so I have developed a strong “bullshit” meter. I can usually spot a lie better than a polygraph. When I first met Dewayne on Death Row in Livingston, Texas, 60 miles north of Houston, I knew the man was 100% innocent. 

I had absolutely no doubt. When I walked out of Death Row for the first time, I did all I could to fight back tears and keep from being sick because I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was also scared as hell and worried whether it was too late to save his life and that I was going to be there at the prison watching him die right in front of me.”

– One Big Setup: The Alfred Dewayne Brown Story 

To my mind, other than the Cross itself, the most compelling reason for Christians to oppose the death penalty is that it commits what belongs to God alone (the taking of life) to a system which is vulnerable to human error and moral corruption.

To insist that system is immune to such error risks violating the first commandment, as it places a degree of faith in the criminal process that belongs to God alone.

Or, in Pauline terms, it values our justice system over God’s justice.

What scripture calls ‘idolatry.’

images-1My friend and parishioner, Brian Stolarz, begins his forthcoming memoir with the above confession.

Apparently not everyone’s BS radar is as well-calibrated as Brian’s, for Alfred Dewayne Brown (pictured below) was sentenced to be killed by Texas without any physical evidence to corroborate the charge of murder, despite having an IQ which- by law- should’ve precluded him from capital punishment and in the face of the fact that the state’s only witness had been bullied into perjuring herself.

Even a BS radar half that of Brian’s could’ve sniffed out Alfred’s innocence, or, if not his innocence, at least detected sufficient doubts to give his lynch mob pause on their way to Calvary. brownalfred

Last week Arizona botched the execution of Joseph Wood, who died nearly 2 hours  after the supposed ‘lethal’ injection administered by his executioners.

Joseph Wood gasped and struggled for nearly 2 hours before he finally died. Who’s to say how many seconds or minutes or hours Wood’s killing fell shy of qualifying as ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

Wood’s botched execution provoked outrage and incredulity among most of the public, callous, satisfied jeers among some of it and promises of (not independent) ‘review’ among the public’s officials.

What’s truly outrageous and, I believe, sinful is how the chair or the syringe or the noose is only 1 example of how the capital punishment apparatus is fraught with corruption and prone to error.

In Alfred Dewayne Brown’s case, the hold-it-in-your-hands evidence that would’ve supported his alibi all along (a phone record) was- all along- HIDDEN in the garage of a homicide detective.

Before you utter ‘What the…’ to yourself, wait:

Alfred’s IQ, which marks him as mentally retarded, was ginned up by the state’s doctor so as to nudge Alfred a nose past the qualifying line.


Let’s not forget the moderately salient point that the grand jury’s foreman, whom transcripts unambiguously identify as leading a pile-on against Alfred’s girlfriend, was a retired cop.

A retired cop.

In a cop killing.

Jury of his peers.

The aforementioned doctor has been censured.

The cop with the garage and the prosecutor who turned the blind eye?

Not sure.

The girlfriend bullied and jailed to induce her to perjure herself?

She’s since changed her testimony.

Back to her original testimony.

Alfred Dewayne Brown?

Still on death row.

Despite consensus of his innocence.

In a twist of irony only Pontius Pilate could appreciate, all-but-exonorated-Alfred sits on death row while Texas decides whether or not it will grant him a ‘new trial.’

Brian shared his story of working for Alfred’s life in a sermon earlier this summer. You can watch it below.

You can read the latest stories about the grand jury’s foreman and its treatment of Alfred’s girlfriend here, here, here and here.

What happened to Joseph Wood on the table in Arizona happens to innocent (usually black) people in interrogation rooms and jury rooms more often than most of us would like to confront.

To turn a blind, blithe eye to such injustice, however, places us under St Paul’s auspicious words:

“I have great sorrow and anguish. For I testify of them that they may have great zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. For not knowing the justice of God, and seeking to establish their own form of justice, they did not submit to the justice of God.

For the Messiah is the aim of all law so that justice may be based on loyalty to him.” 

– Romans 10.3-4

(Theodore Jennings, trans)

The more internet outrage and chatter Alfred’s case generates the quicker Texas will be compelled to give him a new trial or, even better, his freedom.

So leave a comment, ‘like’ it on Facebook, retweet it or forward it on to a friend.

A small gesture towards God’s justice that could go a long way. Do the right thing.




Jason Micheli


5 responses to The Death Penalty Violates the 1st Not Just the 5th Commandment

  1. Jason, I agree 100% with your biblical position on the death penalty. Thanks for sharing on this issue.

  2. Bobby Ray Hurd July 30, 2014 at 7:32 PM

    Good job, Jason.

  3. Rom. 13 gives room for the state to bear the sword, that does not mean that they will bear it well, as the instances in the article point out.
    An abuse of something does not necessitate it being invalid. Further to say that the death penalty violates the 1st and 5th commandment would put Yahweh at odds with himself, since he commanded the death penalty in some instances.

  4. Again a shocking story of the miscarriage of justice. I wish Brown gets his justice and even if proven guilty (without doubt) once again, the Christian belief allows no excuses: “Thou shalt not kill”. I know today people, or Congress rather, prefer bills with thousands of pages about bail-outs with riders to get enough votes that sponsor NASCAR racing and such. You don’t have to look far to understand there is corruption everywhere, not just in the homicide department. As for the jury presided over by a retired policeman, though: a) if he REALLY wanted to have justice done in the name of his slain colleague, then … he would have actually fought for Brown’s freedom. Because now that means, a “cop killer” is still at large and probably with a higher IQ and real lethal objectives. Nothing ever is black and white. The jury could equally have been a blessing in the defendant’s favor. It’s the WHOLE system that is corrupt and corrupts.

  5. Yes. all these po innocent black How many walk around getting away with murder? Plenty.

    So from your article from a bit ago it appears you want murderers alive no matter how many people they killed? Sounds like more cuckoo bird Christianity. Meanwhile JESUS never spoke out against the death penalty and Paul spoke of its use as routine .Also it was used for various offenses.

    So for you a guy could kill 10 thousand people and still no death penalty? Talk about an evil theology based on political correctness and twisted Scripture. Also notice virtually all the states banning the death penalty are the humanist, GOD less Democrat ones? No surprise between the never ending pandering to ( insert pc term) “people of color”.As if white people don’t have These same states chop up unborn babies with zero problem while pushing globo homo and it’s huge diseased lifestyle.

    The death penalty is demanded by GOD. It clearly says it in the Bible. Thank goodness states like Texas get rid of demons the way JESUS did when HE sent the demons into the swine who then drowned.

    Also what do you do to murderers if they rape, kill and assault while in prison? Take away their veggies?. Look up the case of an “innocent” demon Lemuel Nelson, a prime example of what happens when you dont execute demons.

    People get turned off to modern day Christianity due to all the pitiful cuckery. The fighting to keep demons alive is certainly not in line with when JESUS was on earth. Executions were common…just the way GOD demanded it. Laying in a bed of fleas with humanists on the issue today is ultimate treason and really, with all the dna evidence and cameras everywhere, the use of the death penalty should be more widespread than ever. Moslem countries and China use it highly effectively while modern day Cuckianity loves to protect murderers. So forgive me if I see humanists, er, Christians not demanding the death penalty for someone who anally rapes a woman and then stabs her 35 times as being totally insane. Fighting to keep that alive is the ultimate evil.

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