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Spotlight-On-Bill-Perry-pictureSo, I’ve taken some hits for my post about the Texas United Methodist Church considering discouraging people 45 and older from entering the ordination process.

According to some, I ‘just don’t like old people.’

To prove that indictment is far from the truth, I thought it would be appropriate to laud the benefits of older pastors.

Like Jane Goodall trudging into the mist to learn about gorillas, I’ve gotten this directly from a legitimate, genuine old pastor, Chaplain Bill Perry, who began his illustrious career ministering to the spiritual needs of troops in the Spanish-American War.

Proving age may dull memory, reflexes and libido but not humor, Bill offers this list:

10-inability to remember guarantees not revealing secrets told in counseling

9-incontinence means no lengthy sermons

8-no need for long range planning

7-sermon creditability gained by sentences such as “As St. Parsimonious once told me….”

6-doesn’t jog, can’t jog

5-blogs ‘what my great grandsons taught me about God

4-blog set up by great grandson

3-remembers the good ol’ days as ‘these trying times’

2-require long, slow hymns for processional

1-has time to write ‘The value of being an old pastor”