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Nick DIAntonio shot this last summer as Aldersgate began the first of its 2012 projects in Chuicutama, first a school kitchen and second a health center. A team leaves in a couple of weeks to begin work on a multiyear sanitation project in the same community. Thanks to all of you who helped us raise the nearly $40K to go towards this project.

155886_10200197896013014_1959751173_nApologies to my mother-in-law. Titles like that get people to click over- I’ve studied the analytics. 

My church’s work in Guatemala is changing lives. There and here.

Don’t believe it?

Exhibit A:

The bearded guy here is Mike Keller, my brother- in-law.

I knew him back when he was 8 years old- back when he had a squeaky voice and thought it was funny to grab my gonads in the pool and swim away while I writhed in an agony that I accepted because I was vying for his older sister’s affections.

Today, Mike looks like a younger.






Handsomer (let’s not get too generous)

Calmer version of me.

Now I’m depressed, but at least I have more hair than him.

Mike’s almost 29 years old. Mike had a good job in Cincinnati, making more money- ahem- than I do. He had a nice home, a truck, a BMW and all the toys and money he needed to be happy.

379379_10200197902893186_1440659671_nIn December, Mike went with me to Guatemala with the mission team from my church to help build a Health Center in Chuicutama, Guatemala.

It was a transformational experience for him. How so?

Mike has spent January and February transitioning out of his job.

He’s sold his BMW, his 4-Wheeler and most of his other possessions.

He moved out of his house.

Everything he owns now fits into a couple of bags.

He’s taking those bags and his little bit of high school Spanish and this Saturday he leaves for Guatemala.

‘Sell everything you own and follow me…’ Jesus said to the young man.

While most of us try to unpack, deconstruct and wriggle our way out of thinking Jesus was commanding anything other than ‘sell everything and follow,’ he’s acting it out.

Mikey isn’t the type to toot his own horn. But that doesn’t mean I can’t shamelessly exploit him for good Jesus purposes.

He plans to stay indefinitely, volunteering for Highland Support Project. 

That squeaky 8 year old has grown up to be a genuinely good man, one that I envy and one for whom I’m grateful that our lives are now intersecting across a common endeavor.

Among other things, Mike will oversee the construction of the Sanitation Project in Chuicutama.

This multi-year project will bring an entire sewage system: gray water treatment, water drainage, water retention, and toilets to each home in the remote village.

Our goal for the first phase of this project is $20,000. We’re halfway there.

Mike’s sacrifice poses a challenge to each of us.

Moses told us to give 10% to God.

Jesus challenges us to give up EVERYTHING. 

I challenge you to give up at least more than what you spend on Netflix, iTunes or Sam Adams for something transformational.

As Dennis Perry, my assistant, likes to point out:

Giving Nothing Isn’t a Gospel Option.

If you’ve already given, I challenge to give a little more. If you gave in church on Sunday, too bad, you can give here. 

To give click here: Guatemala Toilet Project

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s tax deductible and you can invite your friends to give too.

We’re talking toilets: do your doodie.