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405728Is your God like a drunk Mr. Miyagi? Or is your Christianity closer to Jersey Shore?

For this episode of Crackers and Grape Juice, Jason talks with Eric Hall, author of the forthcoming The Home-brewed Christianity Guide to God: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Almighty. 

unknownEric is a Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. In his book, he narrates a bit of his own journey from Pentecostalism to Catholicism and the beauty of ancient Christianity that become available to him once he gave up on sola scriptura.

Check it out and pre-order the book!

Be on the lookout for future episodes that we’ve already got in the can: interviews with Eric Hall, Steve Austin, Fred Schmidt, Ian McFarland, Joseph Mangina, Kenneth Tanner, Fleming Rutledge, William Kavanaugh, Bishop Andy Doyle, and Poet/Undertake Thomas Lynch.

We’ve already got enough interviews lined up to take us into the new year.

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