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51aakymtbalThe Reverend Jerry Herships spent two decades in entertainment. He was surprised when his pastor, Bill Barnes, suggested he’d make a great United Methodist pastor.

The Rev. Jerry Herships, AfterHours Denver: “I curse like a sailor. I like brown liquor, look at pretty girls. I said, ‘I am not the guy to go into ministry at all.’ To his credit, he said, ‘Maybe you are just the guy who should go into ministry.’ Once I was given permission to not be perfect or not be as holy as I thought you had to be, then it became more intriguing.”

He’s the founder of Afterhours Bar Church in Denver and the author of Last Call: From Serving Drinks to Serving Jesus. He spoke with Crackers and Grape Juice in Episode 39.

Be on the lookout for future episodes that we’ve already got in the can: interviews with Eric Hall, Steve Austin, Fred Schmidt, Ian McFarland, Joseph Mangina, Kenneth Tanner, Fleming Rutledge, William Kavanaugh, Bishop Andy Doyle, and Poet/Undertake Thomas Lynch.

We’ve already got enough interviews lined up to take us into the new year.

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