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white-crucifixion-1938This weekend I (attempted to) unpack Paul’s dense prose in Romans 9-11, the historically fraught section where Paul ponders why the Jewish Messiah has come yet Jews do not recognize him.

Here are two quick videos that are well worth your time. Kendall Soulen, a Methodist who teaches at Wesley Seminary. takes the new ground toward Israel that Karl Barth opened up and he charts a way forward (a non-supersessionist way) for Christians to think about their brothers and sisters of God.

Folks who endured my sermon this weekend will no doubt wish I’d just played these videos…

Recapturing Advent

Jason Micheli —  December 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

As stated here previously, Stanley Hauerwas is one of my theological heroes, not the least because he’s paved the way for someone like me to be frequently contrary, often inappropriate and usually badly dressed. Stanley, a militant pacifist, has done much to help the Church recover its identity as a witnessing minority to a world that knows not God. Or, as the Jews put it, to be “a light to the nations.”  Here’s a short reflection that’s worth a quick look see: Recapturing Advent