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Jason Micheli —  November 10, 2016 — 1 Comment

img_2439Several many years ago Tony Jones noted that I’m a guy “who thinks he’s got something to say.” Tony encouraged me to start a blog ( a suggestion that since has become both a ministry and a hobby in its own right.

Tony has since become my friend and my editor. He makes my gifts stronger and he calls bullshit on my “growing edges.” A couple of years ago Tony suggested I add a podcast to the blog. An amateurish kitchen table podcast with my friend Teer Hardy followed. It was fun for us but definitely sucked as bad Freaks and Geeks and died a quick death.

Then I got cancer, and I didn’t, as I expected, die.

Two vantages I was privy to from the infusion chair:

I treasure my friends more than I can say out loud without crying.

I truly feel haunted by Jesus and love talking faith with whomever I can fool in to a conversation.

When I came off of medical leave in February, I asked my friend Teer if he’d be interested in breathing new life into our stllborn podcasting venture. I invited Morgan Guyton, a friend from college, to participate. Eventually, 30 some episodes in, my mentee turned friend and colleague Taylor Mertins graduated from our tech lackey to full-fledged cracker.

When we started I never thought we’d make it to 50 Episodes nor do I think we’d quickly acquire one the largest diasporas of nerd listeners on the theology interwebs.

We keep repeating the stat because it is a big deal: we have more weekly downloaders than just about any Methodist church does on a Sunday morning. Brings new meaning to a word Methodists throw around a lot: connection. So, here’s episode 50 with the Crackers and Grape Juice gang doing some self-congratulatory looking back.


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Now that the election is over and everyone says we should come together to support the President-elect, we at Crackers and Grape Juice thought we’d do our part.


  1. Click here to get your very own Make the Gospel Great Again T-shirt. 
  2. Click here to join our Crackers and Grape Juice Summer Mission Team to roll up your sleeves and help build the wall along our southern border. 

Heads up- in January the Crackers and Grape Juice Team will be in California to partner with our friends at Home-brewed Christianity for a Theology Camp, think summer church camp for theology nerds. If you’d like to participate, you can get a discount by telling them you’re a listener of C&GJ when you register.

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