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Not going to say anything. It’d just get me in trouble…oh hell, sure I will:

Apparently Sarah Palin isn’t just out to protect Christianity from the nefarious teachings of the *uber-liberal Pope Francis.

She’s also out to protect the ‘heart’ of Christmas, which, it turns out, isn’t the incarnation but America…and shopping.

So long as the store greets with a ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of a ‘Happy Holidays.’

At least in these divisive partisan times, we can all agree that Sarah Palin is that rare public figure whose every uttering is nearly as illogical as it is motivated by transparent self-interest. She’s like Bill Clinton if Bill Clinton spoke in non sequiturs.

Here’s a biting review of Palin’s Christmas book.

And it’s ‘good tidings of great joy’ not ‘and.’

*Any dude who believes in the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, transubstantiation, who is celibate and dresses without irony in 4th century clothing is by definition not liberal. That Pope Francis strikes so many Christians as liberal says more about the secular, capitalist drift of the Church than it does about the Francis.