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Some Wise Pastoral Counsel

Jason Micheli —  September 12, 2012 — 1 Comment

This comes from a good friend of many years. He recently received some sound advice from a friend, advice I think that’s on target for just about all of us. Disregard my friend’s cheap shot about my cynicism.


Hey Jason–I know you don’t check your fb emails all that regularly, but I wanted to share something very interesting…that if you can put your cold-hearted cyncism to the side–you might appreciate. smile I have been on this spiritual journey as of late…having children and being married has caused me to really reflect even more so that I normally do. I even went to a fellow minister to get some guidance and counsel because not having a dad, especially not a Christian father, and even though I counsel families–I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I write all of that to say that in meeting with my friend–he pointed out that I am approval/performance driven (ouch) I can be critical and non-accepting of people because I am critical and non-accepting of me. So…your blogs have really hit a nerve because, though doctrine is important, I am learning to love–to rest in Him.

Sounds easy, but difficult to understand that I am ok with me…that love and grace can be uncondtional from God and I, in turn, can share that same unconditional love and grace with others. That when I see my sin…it isn’t for me to be condemned, but to draw me to the holy, merciful, loving, gracious God… to cry out to God and thank Him, praise Him, adore Him, worship Him. To submit to His grace is counterintuitve to me…but I think a lot of Christians struggle with this.