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bill-nye-the-science-guyApparently Bill Nye (“the Science Guy”) spent more time in the lab than he did on the debate team. Squaring off on TV against Ken Ham, the Founder of the Creation ‘Museum’ in Kentucky, Nye performed like chum for the sharks. It’s ironic that Ken Ham doesn’t believe in evolution when his terrible beard makes him look like the primordial man in the Natural History Museum.

You can read about the debate here.

I didn’t watch the debate- don’t get cable- but I wish just once journalists would point out how creationist fundamentalists operate from the very same presuppositions as their pure materialist opponents in the sciences.

david_bentley_hartAs David Bentley Hart puts it in The Experience of God:

“Many [19th century Christians who opposed Darwinism] genuinely believed that there was some sort of logical conflict between the idea that God had created the world and the idea that terrestrial life had evolved over time. This was and is a view held, of course, by any number of atheists as well.”

“One assumes that fundamentalist Christians and atheists alike are well aware that Christians believe God is the creator of every person; but presumably none of them would be so foolish as to imagine that this means each person is not also the product of spermatozoon and ovum.

Surely they grasp that here God’s act of creation is understood as the whole event of nature and existence, not as a distinct causal agency that in some way rivals the natural process of conception.”

Creationists are right. When it comes to Genesis, it’s all about dates.

One misfortune of reading the Genesis literally, I believe, is that it misses out on the even more powerful proclamation that’s made when you consider that the Genesis 1 poem was conceived during Israel’s experience of exile and hopelessness.

Here’s an old sermon on the idea that both Bill Nye and Ken Ham could stand to hear.


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