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IMG_1015From time to time (every hour) church people and ordinary civilians will query me:

‘Pastor, why on earth are you dressed that way?’

And while comfort, ease of running or manifestly sexy legs are all equally plausible responses, the most truthful answer is:

I get it honest.

At least I don’t still tuck my shirt in to my shorty shorts.






Christian Fashion Week

Jason Micheli —  February 8, 2013 — 3 Comments

christian_fashion_weekThis morning Teer Hardy, my coffee gopher, IT lackey and general all-around underling, brought it to my attention that Christian Fashion Week is upon us. Yes, apparently there IS such a thing and, since it’s in Florida, home of mall-like mega-churches, I doubt they’ll be showcasing camel hair cloaks or the shirts off your neighbor’s back.

I could be wrong but I imagine a runway full of denim Christian Educator dresses and plenty of I-used-to-work-at-a-Saturn Dealership polo shirts with requisite church insignia.

I didn’t get an invitation to Christian Fashion Week. I guess Jesus did warn his followers about committing adultery in their minds/hearts. No doubt, I wasn’t invited because the other models would be threatened by my panther like virility, thus compromising the Christian virtue of an entire convention center. Pandemonium would ensue and the millennial reign wouldn’t be too far behind.

Since I wasn’t invited I thought I would post my submission for Christian Week here. As crucial to a pastor’s toolkit as a portable eucharist kit.

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