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At Crackers and Grape Juice, we’re starting a new series with my longtime and long-suffering friend Dr. Johanna Hartelius cheekily called (her)men*you*tics where Johanna will unpack stained glass language to help you speak better Christian.

Each week we’ll tackle a theological term, discussing what it means, what’s at stake, and why you should care in your own daily discipleship. And we’ll do it all each week in 25 minutes or less.

Johanna is professor of rhetoric at Pitt and has launched her own communication consulting gig too. We’ve been friends since I was 18 when we met as camp counselors. Crackers and Grape Juice began as an expression and venture of friendship with Teer, Taylor, and Morgan. (her)men*you*tics carries on in that vein.

Props to Alex Joyner for proposing this idea in the first place. We’ll see if he warrants blame or praise.

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