Sermon Audio (From Yours Truly) Now Available

Jason Micheli —  November 20, 2012 — 2 Comments

Sermons are ultimately oral events and something is lost on the page alone.

If reading my lucid, probing prose isn’t enough, you can now listen to my sermons delivered in my sexier than Barry White voice at Spreaker.

You can listen there, on FB or download to your computer/phone where you can make sure my voice survives the zombie apocalypse (See: Eli, Book of)

I’m working to add the sermon audio to a Tamed Cynic podcast in the iTunes store. So stayed tuned.

Click here to listen to Sunday’s sermon.

Jason Micheli


2 responses to Sermon Audio (From Yours Truly) Now Available

  1. How is the quality compared to the files we have uploaded on the church website? Those are MP3 files that we can load to Spreaker if the quality is better.


    • Ali thinks it sounds more like ‘me.’
      I just like the ease of having my phone there. I’ve not heard back from the iTunes staff about the podcasting. Was only supposed to take 24 hours. That’ll be the more important thing to have up I think. Only so many people are going to know how to download from Spreaker into their iTunes, and most people who’ll listen to this will be folks jogging, sitting in traffic or riding the metro probably

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