Scarlett Johansson, Mark Driscoll and the PS4

Jason Micheli —  November 18, 2013 — 3 Comments

scarlett-johansson-105aYou’d be surprised how many marriages suffer not because of money, infidelity or divergent life goals.

You’d be surprised how many marriages suffer instead because the man in the relationship would prefer to be a dude, frittering away the night’s hours…

playing with himself.

Not watching porn, mind you,

but playing…ahem…video games.

It’s- slightly- funny when it’s in a movie starring Seth Whatshisname. It’s quite the opposite when its real husbands and wives.

I heard on the news this morning that the new Playstation (4) sold over a million- what they hell do you call them…units, consoles, toys?- in 24 hours.

If you’re (not) scoring at home, that’s slightly more than hits on a Scarlett Johansson selfie in the same time period.

Not to mention Microsoft, in its ongoing quest to ignore how impenetrable are its software programs, is coming out with the new Xbox this week.

All told, it’s the best week for nerds since JJ Abrams signed on to ruin the latest installment of Star Wars (if the next SW episode involves time-travel, they might as well sub in Sydney Bristow for Chewy or Han).

Admittedly my perspective is colored by the fact that I never had a video game system as a kid, only played Duck Hunt on the first Nintendo a few times at a friend’s house and today get schooled by my 2nd grader at Lego Harry Potter on the iPad, but I found the following compelling.

And that the following comes from Mark Driscoll, my bizarro Gospel-world nemesis, should tell you something: 9fd2f25f6a96a760872a425d027134ab

“…for the young guys who spend most of their time watching television, eating chips and playing video games- we need you to undergo a cranial-rectal extraction immediately.

As you sit around with your buddies trying to battle an enemy, liberate a people, and usher in a kingdom in yet another video game, I need you to know that you are wasting your lives.

Those deep desires you have to be part of a tribe on mission to defeat evil and set captives free for the glory of a great king and kingdom are there for the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we need you on the front lines.

The faithful grandmas and moms are getting tired of holding the line.”

A Call to Resurgence 




Jason Micheli


3 responses to Scarlett Johansson, Mark Driscoll and the PS4

  1. lol. Video games are an easy target for those who dislike them. But the fact is we are all gamers now, if not on consoles or PC’s, then on smartphones, iPods, or tablets. There are also increasing numbers of female gamers as well. While there’s truth in old stereotypes, they don’t fit as well as they used to.

  2. There is such a thing as overboard on video games. On the other hand, I play a few times a week after work for an hour or so. Co-op games are quite fun when hanging out with my brothers and my wife and I play together as well. I’ve also used video games as a way to get my guys Sunday school class together and hang out for an afternoon.

    How about we rave about football instead. Saturday all day, Sunday all day, Monday night, Thursday night did I miss any? Many men I know my age spend more time in one day watching football, than I spend playing video games for a month.

    Last night I read a book while my wife played PS4.

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