Questions about the Holy Spirit?

Jason Micheli —  August 30, 2014 — 3 Comments

The_Holy_TrinityNext Sunday we kick-off our September sermon series which will be devoted exclusively to God, the Holy Spirit.

Even if you sleep through most of my sermons, pay no attention to anything I say and glaze over these blog posts, you’ve probably noticed an apparent absence of the Holy Spirit in my work and speech. Or, if not absence then, like my heroes Karl Barth and Stanley Hauerwas, I tend to be so Christo-centric (Jesus-centered) that I leave little room for the role of God the Spirit.

Some of that’s intentional while some of it no doubt says more about me and my prejudices than I realize.

I hardly alone though.

Non-charismatics; that is, Catholics and mainline Protestants, often have no idea how to speak or think of the Holy Spirit and do not understand what others mean when they talk about ‘experiencing’ the Spirit.

So I thought it would be best to begin a month-long sermon series on the Holy Spirit by finding out what questions you or your friends have about the Holy Spirit.

This is how it’ll go:

– Leave a question here below or email (

– Submit ANY question about the Holy Spirit (who the Spirit is, what the Spirit does, how we can experience the Spirit etc). Doubt and skepticism welcome.

– I will tackle them at random, in the moment, during the sermon time on Sunday, 9/7 and post the audio here.

– The person who submits the most ‘challenging’ question will receive a free copy of Scot McKnight’s forthcoming book, ‘The Kingdom Conspiracy.’

Props to Andrew DiAntonio for the art.

Jason Micheli


3 responses to Questions about the Holy Spirit?

  1. I’ve appreciated so many of the things you’ve written (often even when I’ve disagreed I’ve appreciated how you’ve written), given your topic you might appreciate reading something I have written:

  2. What’s the deal with the “gift of tongues” as a visible manifestation of the work of the Holy Spirit? This practice obviously has a scriptural basis, yet, outside of so-called “charismatic” churches, this practice seems absent, and in many churches would be considered weird or unwelcome. What would be your response as a minister if a congregant(s) broke out into tongues during worship? Has this happened to you?

  3. The Hebrew Scriptures clearly talk about and acknowledge the nature of God (YHWH) and, while questionable about their understanding of the Messiah, the Old Testament discusses the Messiah (Xristos). What role does the Holy Spirit play in the Old Testament? Is the Ruach of Scripture the same as the Holy Spirit? Or, is the Holy Spirit not co-eternal with God/Christ and only appears after the Crucifixion?

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