Questions about Christmas? Come On, You Know You Have ‘Em

Jason Micheli —  November 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

Ever since year zero, Christmas has been a season for questions:

Why a virgin birth? And seriously, a virgin birth?

Why does Jesus come in the first place? Why can’t God just forgive us?

Is Jesus really human or did he just seem human? Is Jesus really divine or did he just seem divine?

What if there’d been no Fall- if we hadn’t sinned? Would Jesus still have come?

Seriously, a virgin birth?

Etc, Etc, Etc.

This is where you come in. For our Advent Sermon Series, ‘Questions about Christmas,’ I want to solicit YOUR questions about Jesus, Christmas, the Nativity Story, the Reason for the Season anything.

I’ll plan our Advent preaching with your questions in mind. If you know someone who’s not a Christian at all, pass this on. I’d love to hear their questions too. And if you/they want anonymity you can email me at

Jason Micheli


3 responses to Questions about Christmas? Come On, You Know You Have ‘Em

  1. What can we discern, if anything, about God’s purpose in the timing of Jesus’ birth in the broader timeline of human history? What if he had lived 1000 years later? Or 2000 years earlier?

    • Argh! Your questions are always good, Jeff, and ones I can’t immediately- or completely- answer. I’ll have to think on it. Gut reaction…the ‘Son of Man’ messianic expectation had reached a zenith by the first century and that expectation wouldn’t have been intelligible to a later audience (witness how no one really knows what Son of Man means anymore). Second gut reaction: I am sure that regardless of timing our reception to him would’ve been the same.

  2. Dave Breininger December 1, 2012 at 8:03 PM

    As part of the ‘virgin birth’ question, what about the genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to David, to ummmmm Joseph. Well doesn’t the whole genealogy in Matthew fall apart with the virgin birth?

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