Pub Theology: Kicks Off Mañana

Jason Micheli —  December 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

PastedGraphic-1Friends, if you’re in the DC area then I invite you to come out for our first evening of Pub Theology tomorrow night from 7-8:30 at Kate’s Irish Pub.

Pub [pb] = ‘open to the public,’ a place which in many areas serves the focal point of a community.


Theology [thee-ol-uh-jee]  = speaking of ‘God’


Pub Theology = Comfortable conversation over a pint on a variety of topics – art, religion, politics, faith, culture. ecology, economics, justice, or philosophy. Anyone and everyone (regardless of religious beliefs) is invited to participate.There’s no agenda, script or expectations.

               It’s just real people gathering around a table,

talking about real things in a real way. 


Antonyms for Pub Theology =

      Sunday School, Bible Study, Your Parents’ Church


As my underling, Teer Hardy, who’s organized Pub Theology for us, puts it:

A minister, an atheist, and a few other people walk into a bar… The minster says, “Drinking is against God’s will for your life.” The atheist responds: “He forgot to tell that to Jesus.” The others say, “This sounds like a great conversation – can we join?” And so it begins…


You can sign up (though there’s no need), RSVP or find out more here.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a blog reader, lay person, or clergy person we’d love to have you.

What’s more, if you know of someone for whom a trip to the proctologist sounds more appealing than an invite to church then this is the event for them. The only people not welcome are those who would (without irony) order an Appletini.








Jason Micheli


One response to Pub Theology: Kicks Off Mañana

  1. “Drink only water if your stomach can tolerate it; if not, a good, clear small beer.” John Wesley, Primitive Physick

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