Pub Theology: Home-Brewed Edition with Kendall Soulen

Jason Micheli —  November 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

Theologian Kendall Soulen was our guest this week for Pub Theology.

Kendall is the author of The God of Israel and Christian Theology and The Divine Names(s) and the Holy Trinity. He teaches theology at Wesley Theological Seminary here in DC. Most importantly, he’s a Karl Barth fanboy too.

A special thank to Andreas Barrett who hosted this installment at his home with his exceptional home-brew.

Mark your calendars. Next installment is December 11 with Rabbi Brett Isserow: ‘Putting the מָשִׁיחַ Back in X’mas.’

Over 30 people came out to talk with Kendall. After beginning with a gloria toast to the Holy Trinity, I asked Kendall to answer the first question he asks his students on their midterm: Evaluate the following statement. Faith is personal; it doesn’t matter what you believe so long as you’re sincere.’

You can listen to it all here below or in the sidebar to the right. You can also download it in iTunes here.

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Jason Micheli


One response to Pub Theology: Home-Brewed Edition with Kendall Soulen

  1. I have been thinking about God’s ‘being’ and God’s ‘will since your hard to follow conversation with Kendall Soulen (It is full of great stuff by the way). You two touched on ‘being’ and ‘will’ briefly. And it raised all sorts of questions for me. I come from a Reformed tradition where great emphasis is placed on God’s ‘sovereignty’ which I have found deeply unsatisfying and often unsettling in the kinds of logical conclusions that result. Anyway you are giving me a whole new language for thinking about this. And I don’t have the language for it…. (and I’m not nearly as smart as you) so it took me a while and then I realized you’re talking about nominalism. And I have trouble getting my head around that because it’s so abstract.

    Peter Enns’ , it seems to me, is putting his finger on the problem when he takes Fox News correspondent Todd Starns to task for “telling us twice that he’s ‘no theologian,’ nevertheless makes a rather hefty theological claim in response to [Michael] Moore: Jesus would be saying ‘well done thou good and faithful servant’ to snipers plucking off Muslims (American Sniper), thus sending them to hell where they belong.'”

    So I think this is where ‘nominalism’ gets us. It is a ‘logical’ result of our emphasis on ‘will’ rather than ‘being’ when that get’s wrapped up in the American flag.

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