Pub Theology: Faith and Suffering

Jason Micheli —  February 25, 2016 — 1 Comment

12744280_1713461858909999_5768302360489547677_nI was the guest at the most recent Pub Theology gathering. Since its Lent, the topic I was given was Faith and Suffering. I apologize for how much I say ‘um.’ The poem I shared during the event is included below.


“A Prayer That Will Be Answered”

Lord let me suffer much

and then die

Let me walk through silence

and leave nothing behind not even fear

Make the world continue

let the ocean kiss the sand just as before

Let the grass stay green

so that the frogs can hide in it

so that someone can bury his face in it

and sob out his love

Make the day rise brightly

as if there were no more pain

And let my poem stand clear as a windowpane

bumped by a bumblebee’s head

– by Anna Kamienska

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Jason Micheli


One response to Pub Theology: Faith and Suffering

  1. Great to have you back in form. I would still be curious to get your further take on the concept of “miracle”, for lack of a better description. Or in other words, does God ever intervene physically in the (His) natural order at specific times at places, and for specific people? And I know that the miracle stories themselves are not the main point of the Gospel narrative, but why do they figure so prominently in the life and ministry of Jesus? Thanks.

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