Preachers: Beware the BS Radar

Jason Micheli —  August 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

8731787754_f6a4a8b42f_zMaybe its because I came to faith late in my teens and was previously a ferocious cynic, or maybe its because many of my friends and family are still very much unchurched.

Perhaps its because I know how savvy youth are in their ability to discern and evaluate what is authentic and what is not.

For whatever reason, I think preachers would do well to recognize- and operate on the realization- that listeners have an acute, sensitive and highly developed radar when it comes to bullshit.

Empty bromides, canned jokes, insincere praise, vacuous propositions, trite illustrations.

It will all register on their BS radar.

Incidentally, this is connected to my caution that the congregation will know when you’re prepared for a sermon and when you’re showing a movie clip because you’ve nothing to say.

Even if they dare not tell you, listeners know BS when they hear it.

You do, right?

So it’s astounding how so many of us preachers shovel it from time to time in our sermons under the delusion no one will call us on it.

Be true and do the work that authenticity requires.


Jason Micheli


2 responses to Preachers: Beware the BS Radar

  1. Spot on, my friend.

  2. Oh how I despise canned illustrations and formulaic openings! Grrrr…

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