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Jason Micheli —  February 1, 2016 — 1 Comment

patheologicalbannerappendTodd Littleton is a thoughtful pastor and blogger in Oklahoma who was kind of enough to invite for a conversation on his podcast recently. I look forward to building our e-relationship into the future.

I certainly don’t deserve them but Todd writes:

From the time I heard Jason Micheli‘s voice on a podcast I determined I needed to hear what he had to say or read what he had to write. Discovering his blog felt like reading Anne Lamott.Traveling Mercies served for me to be one of the gutsy honest books that one rarely ever read growing up in an extremely conservative Christian enclave. We did not know to call it a subculture back then.

Jason writes with a wit and honesty that opens you up and then stings you. Rarely does a pastor gain the privilege to write, much less speak that way. Received like a sucker punch I read Jason’s news that he was battling Mantle Cell Lymphoma. His recent check-up revealed he was cancer free. The point from then to now is littered with gut wrenching pain without the loss of his penetrating insight.

Todd blogs at the Edge of the Inside, and I’d encourage you subscribe. Here’s the original post he has about the podcast, with the original audio link.

You can listen to it here below:


Jason Micheli


One response to Podcast with Todd Littleton

  1. Oh I agree Reverend Micheli, you are no Anne Lamont.

    I have had the opportunity to exchange pleasantries with both you and Ms Lamont on more than one occasion. There are big differences; she most certainly has a firmer handshake and much better hair (prior to your chemo – my apologies if too soon); but her passion for Christ is one that makes me want to crawl into her warmth and rest. Yours makes me want to stand back and bask in the glow.

    You both share Grace in your own elegant ways; but also tug at heartstrings with a different timbre. (Oh, and on the occasions I met her, she did not have the scent of a sizable garlic farm.) However, you both bite your thumbs (yes, a Shakespearean reference) at the myriad of right-wing interpretations of the Faith. I admit I find that a bit shallow and amusing, if not predictable. But in the Alexandria community, perhaps that needs to be heard more, rather than less.

    Would you change the feel of your sermons if you were dispatched to a more left-wing flock; to respond to the shortcomings of left-wing takes on the Faith? Or would that be taking contrarianism a step too far for you?

    Great podcast. Keep it up.

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