Mormonism and Christianity: Is the Viral ‘Behind the Veil’ Video Legit?

Jason Micheli —  November 1, 2012 — 2 Comments


Let me repeat again what I’ve said elsewhere. I’ve got several Mormon friends. In some ways, I’ve more in common with them than secular friends of mine. Saying Mormonism is different from Christianity is not to call their faith or character into question.

And I don’t care for whom you vote.

Actually more important than the election, for Christians, is the issue of Christian leaders, like Billy Graham, suddenly changing their views on Mormonism out of political expediency. If Christians want to vote for Romney, they should vote Romney because he’s their preferred candidate. Christians don’t need to revise the Nicene Creed in order to vote for someone whose religion is different than theirs.

Stay with me.

Tony Jones, our Scholar in Residence from this summer, has this post on Mormonism and how it diverges from traditional (as defined by the historic creeds) Christianity. Jones says:

I am not on a witch hunt. I am not anti-Romney. I think there is some historical consensus as to what is considered Christianity, and this ceremony does not accord with that consensus.

Some of my friends say, “If a group says they are Christian, then they are Christian. That’s good enough for me.”

Well, that’s not good enough for me. 

The ceremony Jones refers to is this one, from the short doc Behind the Veil. It shows a Mormon baptism ritual for the those who’ve already died. Mormons, after all, baptize in absentia and after the fact.

But here’s my question and my pushback-

As is the problem with anything on You Tube, it’s hard to establish the veracity of the content.

This video may be a snapshot into rituals non-Mormons are forbidden from seeing. But in watching it, I noticed that the baptizer is baptizing, like we do, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Which strikes me as odd (getting back to my point about Billy Graham) since Mormons don’t believe in the Trinity.

So, is this video legit and Mormons do baptize in the name of a doctrine they disbelieve?

Or is this illegit and the name of the Trinity betrays its inauthenticity?

Jason Micheli


2 responses to Mormonism and Christianity: Is the Viral ‘Behind the Veil’ Video Legit?

  1. I was raised in the lds church. I left the church when I was 16. I questioned the churces beliefs. My sister and brother in law have worked in the temple. My sister and I do not talk very often . My mother who is 83 also left thre church about the same time as myself. My sister holds a grudge against us for not being active. My sisters husband holds the priesthood and worked in the temple in texas. My sister, janet hawkins is full of herself and does not have compassion for other people. I have strong faith and have great compassion for people. My sister and husband have practiced secret ceremonies in the temple. She will not talk about it.i have learned many things about lds that I do not believe in.

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