Moi? The Best Christian Blogger You Don’t Know About?

Jason Micheli —  August 22, 2013 — 4 Comments

Christian Piatt, from the Homebrewed Christianity Culture Cast, is curating an online list of the Best Christian Blogs and, yep, your’s truly is hovering steady around #60.

This isn’t (just) shameless self-promotion.

The analytics tell me I started this blog about this time last year, and, 12 months later, I’m actually quite humbled and grateful for comments like the below:

Tamed Cynic: The Blog of Jason MicheliAdded by Bobby Ray Hurd on Aug 21, 2013The best Christian blogger you don’t know about; Jason explores the faith through a radical lens as a repentant cynic offering hopeful commentary on the Church’s witness in our world through current events, sound theology, and compelling/accessible scholarship that challenges all Christians no matter where they are at. My highest recommendation.

 You can vote too!

Just a handful of votes can thrust me from near anonymity to slight obscurity.

Just click here then scroll down in the 50’s-60’s to find me (or do an Alpha Search) and click the ‘vote up’ icon.

Share the love.

Jason Micheli


4 responses to Moi? The Best Christian Blogger You Don’t Know About?

  1. Praise well deserved! Did you ever consider putting your blogs into a book? I am sure you could do in your spare time.

    • Working on getting two ebooks together, one on marriage and the other I’ve called 100 Foreskins. You can guess the topics.

  2. We don’t have to add your blog anymore, right?! We can just vote it up since it is listed? Just want to make sure I did it right!

    • Yep, vote it up. I got a complaint that I was getting too many individual entries—There’s a handful of individual votes for some permutation of my name or the blogs name way down in the 200 and 300’s. Thanks!

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