Leaving Left Behind Behind

Jason Micheli —  April 26, 2014 — 2 Comments
image001According to a recent Pew Survey on Religion, those who check ‘None’ when asked about their religious affiliation are the fastest growing religious demographic in America.
In many cases, the Nones are rejecting a cartoonish caricature of Christianity- a Christianity seemingly centered on fear and judgment.

What many of the Nones are leaving is the Christianity popularized by such books and films as the Left Behind series. But if ‘Do not fear’ is one of the bible’s most consistent refrains than that sort of Christianity should be left behind.

Starting this Sunday I’ll begin a new sermon series: Leaving Left Behind Behind.

Join us as we demystify what the Bible really wants to teach us by using words like:

Satan, antichrist, rapture, judgment and hell. duccio_di_buoninsegna_040

Starting with Satan, we’ll unpack the concepts Left Behind tries to make scary and instead discover how they can be put to constructive, life-giving use in our everyday world.

If you’ve got questions about any or all of those topics, I’d love to hear them and have them in mind as we move through the series.

Jason Micheli


2 responses to Leaving Left Behind Behind

  1. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of bad eschatology being peddled in America. However, there are, in my opinion, four other problems also contribute to the rise of the “nones”: (1) the unholy alliance between evangelicalism and rightwing politics; (2) the big money business of mega-church Christianity; (3) the hypocrisy of Christians magnified in the scandals of “celebrity” pastors; and (4) the lack of compassion of evangelicals for the least and the lost.

    Meanwhile, mainline Christianity began to lose its voice, relevance and influence when it abandoned its concern for the salvation of souls and relied on its moral authority for social change. Unfortunately, in a post-modern culture, the church as no presumed moral authority. Therefore, mainline Christianity is on the sidelines and dying. It has tried to accommodate culture, but that too is a failure.

    Thus, I look forward to future posts where you address biblical Satan, judgment and hell. I personally think Wesley had it right. He successfully combined robust, no mincing words biblical theology with discipleship and redemptive social justice. There are now some very good works on Wesley’s sermons and theology.

  2. I remember reading the “Left Behind: For Teens” series as a child. I have always wanted to read the adult series as well. Seeing your post makes me wonder, what concepts s are in there that are wrong? I do not want to be filling my mind and spirit with diluted or mixed information. I know Hollywood (the culture not the physical city) likes to takes slivers of biblical truth and mix them in with sensationalism to sell stories. Please expound on this subject. Love your other sermons!

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