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img_2439Several many years ago Tony Jones noted that I’m a guy “who thinks he’s got something to say.” Tony encouraged me to start a blog ( a suggestion that since has become both a ministry and a hobby in its own right.

Tony has since become my friend and my editor. He makes my gifts stronger and he calls bullshit on my “growing edges.” A couple of years ago Tony suggested I add a podcast to the blog. An amateurish kitchen table podcast with my friend Teer Hardy followed. It was fun for us but definitely sucked as bad Freaks and Geeks and died a quick death.

Then I got cancer, and I didn’t, as I expected, die.

Two vantages I was privy to from the infusion chair:

I treasure my friends more than I can say out loud without crying.

I truly feel haunted by Jesus and love talking faith with whomever I can fool in to a conversation.

When I came off of medical leave in February, I asked my friend Teer if he’d be interested in breathing new life into our stllborn podcasting venture. I invited Morgan Guyton, a friend from college, to participate. Eventually, 30 some episodes in, my mentee turned friend and colleague Taylor Mertins graduated from our tech lackey to full-fledged cracker.

When we started I never thought we’d make it to 50 Episodes nor do I think we’d quickly acquire one the largest diasporas of nerd listeners on the theology interwebs.

We keep repeating the stat because it is a big deal: we have more weekly downloaders than just about any Methodist church does on a Sunday morning. Brings new meaning to a word Methodists throw around a lot: connection. So, here’s episode 50 with the Crackers and Grape Juice gang doing some self-congratulatory looking back.


Check out our website: to find all the episodes.

Now that the election is over and everyone says we should come together to support the President-elect, we at Crackers and Grape Juice thought we’d do our part.


  1. Click here to get your very own Make the Gospel Great Again T-shirt. 
  2. Click here to join our Crackers and Grape Juice Summer Mission Team to roll up your sleeves and help build the wall along our southern border. 

Heads up- in January the Crackers and Grape Juice Team will be in California to partner with our friends at Home-brewed Christianity for a Theology Camp, think summer church camp for theology nerds. If you’d like to participate, you can get a discount by telling them you’re a listener of C&GJ when you register.

If you like what we’re doing, head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review. It helps others happen upon the podcast.






Jason Micheli


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  1. Just listened to your 50th podcast. Finished a very nice morning teaching ESL. Was driving out of the parking lot and tripped over your opening, then found the remainder worth listening to. My reason for writing is to add a name to your list of potential guests: David Brooks. He is my favorite theologian. ”Theologian” is not a title he would apply to himself, but he is a deep thinker of the religious, the honorable, the ethical. If I were still doing talk radio, he would be at the top of my list.

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