Episode 91- Christy Thomas: It’s Time to Pull the Plug on the UMC

Jason Micheli —  April 27, 2017 — 2 Comments

With the denomination seemingly on the precipice over sexuality and creaking under the weight of institutional decline, we talked with Christy Thomas about her recent article “It’s Time to Pull the Plug on the UMC.”

Christy is a writer and retired United Methodist Elder. She blogs at the Thoughtful Pastor. She writes the weekly religion column (Ask the Thoughtful Pastor) for the Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper. She also does film reviews, opinion pieces, and has completed one book (An Ordinary Death) with others in the works.

Next up: conversations with man Stanley Hauerwas says is the best theologian in America, Robert Jenson, and Rod Dreher of Benedict Option fame as well as Carol Howard Merritt about her new book.

Stay tuned and thanks to all of you for your support and feedback. We want this to be as strong an offering as we can make it so give us your thoughts.

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Jason Micheli


2 responses to Episode 91- Christy Thomas: It’s Time to Pull the Plug on the UMC

  1. This was an excellent discussion and a few of the critical points are that this division in the UMC is “not about sex, it is about power” and the judgement of the powerful to exclude the “other” and punish those they decide have broken the “rules”. There are things I value about the UMC, UMCOR and UMVIM among them. And I support a limited connectionalism where we jointly support and lift up those who are in need in all the ways we can. But when the connection fails to support the most basic relationships and seeks to judge who is and isn’t able to worship, celebrate the sacraments, and marry; then those judgements are not part of the Church. We’ve been down this path before and the AME Church spun off as a result. Judgements like these have no place in the community of believers.

    I agree, guaranteed appointments and itineracy probably served a purpose at one time but we need to move on from that too. Again this his is now more about power than careful consideration of gifts and needs.

    So, yeah, it’s time to blow up the UMC, or at least let the churches who want to be social clubs go their separate way.

    • Thanks, Bill. She was great to talk to. Candid conversations about the UMC need to happen more I think.

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