Episode 78: John Nugent – “Christians Have NO Biblical Mandate to Tell the Powers How to Protect Their Borders”

Jason Micheli —  February 9, 2017 — 1 Comment

John Nugent convicted me I was wrong about the Executive Order.


How about choice quotes like these:

“Christians have NO biblical mandate to tell the Powers how to protect their borders”

“America does need a Confessing Church because America doesn’t have one State Church but two State Churches, the State Church of the Left and the State Church of the Right.”


With every Christian in American debating the fidelity of the Donald’s (so-called) Muslim Ban, I thought it a perfect time to chat with John Nugent about his new book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church. The premise of John’s argument is that the Church is NOT called to make the world a better place; the Church is called to be the better place God has already made in the world.

We’ve already got a episodes lined up for you waiting to be edited and posted with J. Daniel Kirk,  Mandy Smith, and Alice Connor. In the coming weeks we’re recording episodes with the likes of  Stanley Hauerwas, Richard Rohr, and Scot McKnight.

Stay tuned and thanks to all of you for your support and feedback. We want this to be as strong an offering as we can make it so give us your thoughts.

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Jason Micheli


One response to Episode 78: John Nugent – “Christians Have NO Biblical Mandate to Tell the Powers How to Protect Their Borders”

  1. What a gentle, thoughtful, and inspiring man!

    Listening to this convicted me to order the book. Apparently, my interpretation of most things has not been as you intended, so I may be way off base yet again.

    What my “take away” from this was that he believes our efforts should be directed to the places in front of us that provide the opportunity to be the kingdom.

    We should strive to be grounded in unity rather than our differences, which I think is difficult to do when your clergy has taken a very clear position on a political subject.

    The focus of the church should not be advocating one side or the other, which is not how it feels to me.

    I especially loved the thought of there being ways we could assist in other countries housing refugees because many have been already doing this for some time.

    Lastly, based on the teaser you introduced the podcast with, I believe I understood him to say that the governing authority has the obligation to protect the people as they see fit.

    Now, perhaps again, I have misinterpreted what I heard. If not, I commend you for posting this and I would urge the clergy of Aldersgate to work towards uniting the congregation by shifting the focus towards being the kingdom here rather than who is on the “right” side of Jesus in this.

    Thank you.

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