Episode 47: Fred Schmidt- Is Election Day Communion a Bad Idea?

Jason Micheli —  November 1, 2016 — 2 Comments

fred-schmidt-h-copyHere’s Part Dos of our conversation with Fred Schmidt wherein I share with him my own inner angst about hosting an election-themed communion service at my church.

Fred is the author of the Dave Test, Conversations with Scripture, and What God Wants for Your Life. He blogs at Patheos,  and is the professor of Spiritual Formation at Garrett Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Teer and I had a great time talking with Fred and I think it shows in our conversation.

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Jason Micheli


2 responses to Episode 47: Fred Schmidt- Is Election Day Communion a Bad Idea?

  1. Mary Kathryn Berry November 1, 2016 at 10:27 AM

    I listened twice. Dr. Schmidt’s statement re. election day communion, was so well made; and of course I totally understand his stance. However, we shall, after this miserable election is over, as solid, Church-going, loving people, pick up the pieces and try to make a unifying difference…one thing this campaign has shown us is the horror of how our tax money is spent and what we can do to place better people in Washington…people who live by God’s word…May God help us.

    • Well said! This brought me back to who is really in control of our country and it isn’t the politicians. Thanks be to God!

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