Episode 38: Rob Bell Bonus- It’s Not About Me

Jason Micheli —  September 30, 2016 — 1 Comment

360_wbell_0425You’ve read Velvet Elvis and Love Wins. You listened to his teachings and Robcast. You’ve watched all the Nooma videos. But, do you know what is Rob Bell’s favorite word? Do you know his favorite curse word (hint: he’s a fan of the Wire)? Do you know what other jobs Rob Bell would like to try other than his own?

To conclude the Crackers & Grape Juice Interview with Rob Bell I thought it would be fun to ask Rob the 10 Questions from Inside the Actors Studio. Thanks to technical difficulties I was not able to take credit for this idea to Rob but Teer Hardy executed it nonetheless.

Here it is. If you missed Episodes 36 and 37 with Rob Bell go to iTunes and subscribe.

Be on the lookout for future episodes that we’ve already got in the can: interviews with Eric Hall, Steve Austin, Fred Schmidt, Ian McFarland, Joseph Mangina, Kenneth Tanner, Fleming Rutledge, William Kavanaugh, Bishop Andy Doyle, and Poet/Undertake Thomas Lynch.

We’ve already got enough interviews lined up to take us into the new year.

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One response to Episode 38: Rob Bell Bonus- It’s Not About Me

  1. Good to hear! The Wire should be compulsory viewing at all Seminaries – all the seasons.

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