Episode 29: What is the Gospel?

Jason Micheli —  August 16, 2016 — 4 Comments

13502037_1615405398788080_7321135075900787492_nThe summer has been a busy time, and it’s been a while since my Crackers & Grape Juice co-conspirators have all recorded a podcast together. Morgan, Teer, and I recently got up at the butt-crack of dawn to discuss the Confessing Church Movement and just how we understand the Gospel.

In this episode, I rib Morgan for being on the Confessing Church’s mailing list in the first place and later I rant about the Confessing Church Movement co-opting their name from those few Christians who resisted the rise of Nazism in Germany.

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Jason Micheli


4 responses to Episode 29: What is the Gospel?

  1. The gospel has nothing to do with where we put our bodies, how long for others bodies, and what we do in the privacy of bedrooms? That’s great news.
    re;your preaching on the gospel. It’s good and I think you often bring it back to the gospel. But sometimes I feel like I learn more about your own personal life (which I now a ton about) and pet political causes than I do about the gospel. Just one person’s opinion.

  2. BTW I get that’s not what you mean about the gospel being against gay people but spouting off with no nuance doesn’t really make that clear. Or thinking the other sides is completely void of nuance (as you did with abortion) is pretty cheap. But then I guess what are podcasts and modern political discourse for than ungenerous discussions?

  3. I am the author of the Confessing Movement Happenings article, “What Is the Gospel?” I listened to the entire podcast. While I am tempted to call you on a number of mischaracterizations I am pleased you took the question with some seriousness. I am pleased further that you actually discussed the atonement. I believe there is common ground.

    • Could we get you to come on the podcast? We’re recording early this Friday am. Look me up on Skype if you’re able to join us.

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