Episode #189 – Christy Thomas: I Do Believe the Gospel Will Survive

Jason Micheli —  January 25, 2019 — 2 Comments

“Teer, there’s no future for you in the UMC.”

It ended on a such a dour, heavy, foreboding note we didn’t even ask her the Ten Questions.

This one is a great episode even if it’s a little Methodist-centric. In advance of the Special Sex Conference in St. Louis, Teer and I talk with journalist, blogger (The Thoughtful Christian), and former UMC pastor Christy Thomas. Christy breaks down the various proposals before the UMC regarding sexuality, why the Traditionalist Plan is the Mean Girl Plan, and why there’s no future for Teer in the UMC.

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Jason Micheli


2 responses to Episode #189 – Christy Thomas: I Do Believe the Gospel Will Survive

  1. How do I access the print form of this episode?

  2. I was baptized and confirmed in the Methodist church (before it was United) and now Presbyterian, I have watched the conversation in the PC-USA over inclusion and see some similarities to what is going on the the UMC. There are so many things I could comment on, but really need to listen again and again. I’ll come back later. Thanks for the conversation.

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