Episode #145 – Amy Butler: God & Guns

Jason Micheli —  March 31, 2018 — 1 Comment

Until later this night when Christ passes over from Death to Life, God is as silent.

Holy Saturday feels as appropriate as any day of the year to post this latest episode of our podcast, a conversation about God, Guns, and School Shootings with Amy Butler of the famed Riverside Church on the edges of Harlem in NYC.

Follow Pastor Amy on her blog www.talkwiththepreacher.org or on social media @PastorAmyTRC.

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Jason Micheli


One response to Episode #145 – Amy Butler: God & Guns

  1. It has been a while since I had the chance to listen to this podcast; sadly, this was a shockingly bad one. The breathtaking judgementalism of this podcast is only surpassed by its apparently deliberate ignorance. Not once did this cast mention the very valid reasons why many followers of Christ oppose the types of policies the contributors of this podcast endorse. This deliberate omission is spiritually dishonest, intellectually lazy, and hypocritically political. At least the right-wing Christian sites I read generally acknowledge the perspective of those with which they disagree on this issue. You can do better.

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