Elaine Woods: Sharing Your Faith with Your Children

Jason Micheli —  April 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

photoAs the Children’s Ministries Director, I often get asked the question:

“What is the best way to explain faith to my kids?”

My first thought is for parents to honestly tell their children what Jesus means to them and how His life has impacted theirs. After all, God is the ultimate example of how a parent (God) loves his children (us).

However, this may be more in-depth and complex than a child wants to hear. But I do think that raising your children in faith is more than reciting bedtime prayers, and/or occasionally attending church services. It involves seeing God in the world around us on a daily basis, and emulating His behavior while at the same time, understanding His grace and love.

One idea I’ve used at our dinner table is asking each family member:

“Where did you see God today?”

Answers can be as generic as “everywhere” or as detailed as “when a friend shared her sparkly blue pen with me today.” Every answer is okay. This activity not only gives attention to each family member separately, but it reinforces the idea of looking for God in our everyday lives. Even if the child answers “nowhere,” this still allows the process to occur.

Spending time reading the bible with your children will teach them about Jesus and how to model His actions. Stories and parables from the New Testament offer great examples of how to treat and love our neighbors. The Old Testament is filled with stories of patience and waiting for God’s direction. Start with a children’s bible, and read one page per night. These stories are usually illustrated with colorful pictures to enhance learning.

The most important part of raising children in the faith is consistency. Regularly read the bible, talk about faith, attend worship services, and pray with your child. The same amount of effort given to homework, sports practice, and music lessons, etc., should be given to your child’s Christian upbringing. What’s important to you will be important to your child

Explaining faith to your children is a beautiful way to grow in your own faith as well as share precious time with your children.

Our faith walk is a lifelong process that hopefully begins in the family and continues throughout our lives.

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